Johnny S.

2015 RG, 12" grip

Justin W.

2015 RG, 12" grip height.


12" flat top.

Paul L.

2016 RG Special

Phil M.

2015 RG, 12" grip with gussets.

Daniel W.

2015 RG, 12" grip with gussets.

Bad Seed Cycles

hand made handlebars and seat pans

The 12" grip height bar for the 2015 Road Glide, will work with all of the factory wiring and lines.

Tony G. 

2015 RG, 14" grip height.

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2015 Flat Top

Don't have owner's name

Jason W.

2015 RG, 12" grips

Mike H.

2015 RG, 12" grip "Stiffie"

Donald D.

2015 RG,  12" grip height.

Matthew C.

14" 2015 RG bar

Michael D.

2018 FLTRXS 12" grip height

Here are some pictures of our bars on the 2015 and newer Road Glide. 

Click on the photos to expand the entire image.

Greg H.

2015 RG, 12" grip "Flat Top"

Maurice H.

2015 RG, 14" grip height


2016 Road Glide Special 12" grip height

Eric M.

​14" grip medium pullback RGRK bar.

Leon C.

2015 RG, 14" grip

Kurt W.

2015 RG, white bar= 14" grip, black bar= 12" grip.