Bad Seed Cycles is a family owned and operated business that is located in central North Carolina. We make motorcycle handlebars and motorcycle seat pans by hand and per order, one at a time.


About the owner,

Shawn started chopping and welding on his own motorcycles in the mid 1980s. His later fabrication oriented jobs included: structural steel fabricator for a gas station manufacturer, and a welder/fabricator for an auto restoration business.

His first business was in stainless trim restoration for classic cars. His work has been on cars that have been in magazines and on calendars.

After that, he started building bikes from the ground up and modifying existing bikes, but he quickly realized oil changes and tire changes would be the norm. "There's nothing wrong with service work, we all do it on our own bikes, but as far as all day every day, it just isn't my thing."

He now has a fabrication business for motorcycle handlebars and seat pans, and feels his life has come full circle. "I love metal fabrication and I love motorcycles, so it only makes sense to combine the two."

Right now the bars and pans can only be done in plain steel, but as the business expands, he hopes to add powder coating to the list, as well as other hand made motorcycle products.

Below is a few examples of work that Shawn has done in previous businesses. If  you have any questions about our products you can email Shawn at:

Previous Job: Welder/Fabricator

Bad Seed Cycles Custom Motorcycle Ape Hanger Handlebars

Bad Seed Cycles

hand made handlebars and seat pans

Previous Job: Bike Builder

When there is down time, Shawn and his wife Gina try to ride as much as possible.

Previous Job: Trim Restoration

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Current Business: Custom Bar and Pan Fabrication

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