Mark's short pullback RG bar 14" grip height

Jimmy's stock cables RG bar

Greg's regular pullback RG bar 16" grip

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Shawn's regular pullback RG bar 14" grip

Shawn's 10" grip ape with gussets

Kc's stock cables RG bar

Mike's short pullback RK 14" grip

Donny's regular pullback RG bar  20" grip, 40" wide.

Dustin's stock cables RG bar with gussets

Owner's name not known.

Dwayne's Medium Pullback RG/RK bar 14" grip

Brian's short pullback RG bar 12" grip

David's Medium Pullback RG/RK  15" grip

Chris's stock cables RG bar

Andre's short pullback RG bar 12" grips

Customer projects:

We love when customers send in pics of their builds in progress.

George's regular pullback RG 16" grip

Brian's​ Crossbones bar 12" grip

Here are more photos of customer bikes with our bars on them. Click on the photo to expand the entire image.

Jason's Short Pullback 12" grip

Owner's name not known.

Mike's regular pullback RG bar 14" grip "leaned back"

All factory wiring and lines will work with our stock cables RG bar.

Jason's short pullback RG bar 14" grips

Jason S. 14" grip RG bar

John's short pullback ape hanger 16" grip

Jim's stock cables lowered 1.5"  (7 3/4") grip height

Rob's ​Medium pullback RG/RK bar

regular pullback 14" grip

Terry's short pullback RG bar 14" grip

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