On the outside of the joints, we bevel all joints to be welded on a 45 degree angle prior to welding. This ensures there will be enough weld after finishing to provide adequate strength. 

If a 1" center section is used for the base, the inside ends of the tube are tapered so the wiring will pass through without catching.

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All of these additional steps cost time and money, but in the end,  we end up with a safer, higher quality product.

 The 1" base section length is almost as long as the inside bottom of the bar.

Bad Seed Cycles

hand made handlebars and seat pans

The ends of the tubes and base tubes are drilled, then plug welded in multiple areas  to provide additional strength.

The grip tubes are drilled and plug welded, as well as ring welded.

We go the extra mile with our products. With our bars, our craftsmanship starts on the inside of the bars. All inside edges are cut down, contoured to the next tube, and smoothed.